Modern China is a traditional Chinese restaurant serving choice Chinese food from different regions of Asia and China interpreted and executed in its most authentic form.

Modern China is a Chinese Authentic Cantonese Cuisine. One of those typical Chinese Restaurants that mushroomed in the country today. The only Modern China restaurant in the country owned and operated by businessman Mr. George N. Pua, established on January 8, 2005 along the Restaurant Rows of Glorietta 4 near ASCOTT Hotel entrance facing Glorietta 5 Bldg. The uniqueness of Modern China Restaurant in the country comes from the wide variety of Authentic Chinese dishes cooked and prepared by Modern China’s powerful kitchen team headed by Henry Sy and chefs Li Ping and Cao whip up excellent cuisine that local Chinese foodies like. Despite big incidents happens at Glorietta and the economic breakdown of the country, Modern China still stood strong thriving to manage and maintain the service and quality of foods for the customers satisfactions.

Today, Modern China Restaurant becomes the favorite hang-outs of Makati businessmen, foreign and local Chinese foodies, even our own Chinese Embassy Diplomats and other foreign individuals. They choose Modern China Restaurant in all their business and personal gatherings not just because of the taste of foods we served but also the ambiance of the place and the service we give to our guests.